Hell Let Loose Server Rules

3LA Server Rules

Rules of Engagement (ROE)


SERVER IS SEEDING – Until 30 players reached

– The middle objective will be the only attack/defend objective.
– Do not progress past the middle objective.
– Do not destroy any garrisons outside of the middle two rows on the map.
– Report any infractions to this rule to an admin or 3LA member.


1. No intentional team killing, grieving or exploits.
2. No offensive behavior or names. (Ex. Racism = Das Boot!)
3. Player names/gamertags must be in English or have partial English references.
4. NO HQ spawn camping (TWO EXCEPTIONS: 1- Units using Artillery. 2- Final point only, all HQs are attack-able)
5. NO SQUAD BAITING – All squads MUST have an Officer with a microphone. Commander MUST have mic.
6. No solo locked tank squads: Heavy tank priority goes to full squads, duos and solos must fall in behind full crews on all available tank spawns.
7. No solo locked recon squads.
8. STREAMERS are welcome – You MUST use an overlay to COVER your MAP.

Roles Level Requirements

Commander – Level 50
Squad Leader – Level 10
Recon Spotter/Sniper – Level 30
Tank Commander – Level 40

High Ping Auto Kick

Ping Limit – 300

Looking to join the 3LA or VIP? Head over to our Discord server discord.gg/rHAFaEKThJ