Join the 3LA Today!

If you are here it is most likely because you have played on one of our game server’s recently.  That’s great news and we hope you enjoyed your experience.  If you are wanting to take that experience to the next level by skipping the queues to our servers we have great news!  We offer FREE VIP ACCESS if you help us seed the servers to keep it playable for everyone OR you can pay $5 a month to skip the line by clicking here.


While you are here please familiarize yourself with our Hell Let Loose Server Rules by clicking here.

3LA Game Server List:

Search “3LA” in the game browsers below to join our servers!

Counter Strike 2

Arma Reforger

Ground Branch

Looking for our Discord Server?

Yes, we have a discord! This is the best place to get in touch with 3LA members or if you are having issues with any of our servers. Please hop on in to our server and enjoy the content and people. If you have issues that require an Admin’s support you can either contact us here or join the discord and place a request in the #admin-support-requests text channel. We look forward to gaming with you!